Southern Baptists Challenged to Learn From Seminary Professors' Racially Insensitive Photo

Many Christians are questioning what Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary is planning to do to ensure growth can come from last week's debacle in which faculty members shared a racially insensitive photograph of themselves posing as gangster rappers in an image titled "Notorious S.O.P."

Russian Man Caught Playing Pokemon in Church Could be Sentenced to Prison for 'Inciting Religious Hatred'

Prosecutors in Russia have asked for a punishment of three and a half years in jail for a blogger who played the game "Pokemon Go" in a Russian Orthodox church and later posted a video to YouTube about it. He was charged with inciting religious hatred.


West Virginia Governor Signs Bill to Stop Underage Abortions Without Parental Notification

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice has signed a bill which will close a loophole in a 1984 law that allows a second physician to sign off on an underage girl's abortion circumventing her parents ever finding out about it. Planned Parenthood, NARAL and other pro-choice groups oppose parental involvement.




Violent Persecution of Christians Rises in India, 'An Attack Being Recorded Every 40 Hours': Report

A new report says that violent attacks on the Christian minority in India are increasing at an alarming rate, as the emboldened members of groups close to the governing Hindu nationalist party seek to create a "Hindu nation."

Trump vs. Obama on Syria Chemical Weapons Red Line, Bashar al-Assad

Much has been made about President Donald Trump's order of an airstrike earlier this month on a Syrian airbase in response to a chemical weapons attack on April 4 that killed 80 people. But does Trump's order send a message to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad that former President Barack Obama failed to deliver?


13 Reasons Why Suicide Is the Worst Option


I have encountered countless suicidal teenagers who think they have lost their reason(s) to live. A small percentage of these teenagers have attempted suicide. A handful of them have succeeded. Every time I hear about a teenager who has ended his or her life, my heart breaks.


Christians: Let's Turn the World Upside Down!

The church of the first century made its impact on the world through prayer and through preaching. It was said of the early church that they turned the world upside down. And that, by the way, was offered as a criticism, not as a compliment (see Acts 17:6).


Why I Waited Until 21 to Have a Beer


I have waited until today, my 21st birthday, to have my first sip of alcohol ever with my Dad. EVER. I am NOT better than anyone who chooses to drink before their 21st. The standard I hold true for myself is not one for me to hold everyone else to.

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Is Looking at a Woman's Cleavage Sexual Harrassment?

I'm not defending or accusing Bill O'Reilly, and I don't know if his antagonists are telling the truth. I'm simply asking a question: If a woman wears a low cut top to work and a male colleague (or employer) looks at her cleavage, is that sexual harassment?