Anugrah Kumar

Christian Post Contributor

Federal Judge to Tenn. Pro-Lifers: Your Votes Don't Count

A Tennessee federal judge has ruled that ballots on Amendment 1 to the state's constitution, which was against protecting a "right" to or funding of abortion, must be recounted and that some of the "yes" votes should just be thrown out in the process. Tennessee is appealing the order.

Atheist Christopher Hitchens Contemplated Conversion to Christianity, Author Larry Taunton Says

Larry Alex Taunton, the founder and executive director of The Fixed Point Foundation, says in his newly released book that the late notorious atheist Christopher Hitchens was contemplating conversion to evangelical Christianity before his death. Though still recovering from a near fatal accident, Taunton is talking about The Faith of Christopher Hitchens, appearing in mainstream media.

Pastor Greg Laurie on What Heaven Is Like

Continuing his message series on the Book of Revelation, Pastor Greg Laurie of California's Harvest Fellowship Church explained in a sermon this week what heaven is like, answering common questions and breaking myths.