Kathleen Patterson

CP Guest Contributor

Adoption: How God Restores

According to the National Council for Adoption, and the National Adoption Center, November is National Adoption Month. Each year at this time, I am reminded of the how great the restoration power of God is. You see, I am adopted. But to understand the restoration that occurred, you have to understand how the journey began.

What the Zimmerman Verdict Says About Race in America

I am not going to tell you my race – let's start from there. I want you to hear my words without "thinking" of the perspective behind them. With the Zimmerman trial, I admit that I saw my black friends feel justice was denied and that my white friends feel that justice was served.

Do Women Lose Focus When They Have a Baby?

Jones advocates that women are changed somehow when they experience the arrival of children. Having had three of my own – I could not agree more! As a working mother, the experience was both beautiful (as he iterates) and challenging. And yes, it made a difference in my work life – of course. But, is this a bad thing? I think not, and I actually do not think he is suggesting this is a bad thing, just the reality. My life was interrupted, pleasantly, with each child's arrival.