Ken Johnson

CP Guest Contributor

From Father Knows Best to Father Doesn't Matter

In America, roughly 39,000 suicides take place each year – 30,000 of which are committed by men. Ironically, most suicide literature will usually have a woman depicted on front with little attention paid to the mental health and wellness of men. This is because women overwhelmingly attempt suicide (a cry for help) while men overwhelmingly follow-through (an act of frustration and despair). Such feelings of despair and frustration are now being felt elsewhere in our society as well.

Putting Biblically-Based Principles to Work in Schools

Indeed, it would appear that the public, and even some private sector, educational systems are at a bleak time in U.S. history. This, however, does not mean that Biblically-based principles cannot be put into place, even in secular schools, to where violence is not only lowered but even reversed.