Mark D. Tooley

Christian Post Contributor

Recalling Saigon's Fall

Here's a marvelous story of the CIA operative who helped some of the 65,000 South Vietnamese who escaped in the final few days before Saigon fell to the Communists on April 30, 1975, just in time for May Day, the international Marxist holiday.

'Sound of Music' as Christian Allegory

"Sound of Music" the film with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and Diane Sawyers hosted an affecting ABC remembrance of it last evening, interviewing both lead actors.

Methodists and Race

Wesley Seminary hosted a well attended panel on faith and race last evening, undoubtedly nobly intended, but frustratingly offering few if any clear pathways of hope. Several panelists mentioned the church's supposed "silence" about race. But I've attended official United Methodist governing bodies for my entire adult life, and this "silence" has actually been loud and repetitive across at least thirty years, doubtless much longer.

Why Are Americans Happy & Religious?

A new Pew survey of 44 countries reiterates what other surveys have shown for years: Americans are more religious and Americans are more hopeful about their ability to improve their future than are other wealthy countries.

Evangelicals Must Resist Mainline Protestant Trajectory

Debates over same sex marriage and homosexuality were previously until fairly recently reserved for historically liberal Mainline Protestant denominations, who've had a 40 year conversation over Christian sexual ethics, having already liberalized theologically in the 1920s or earlier