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Christian Post Reporter

Joel Osteen at Night of Hope DC: God Is a Positive God; He Wants to 'Supersize' Your Peace, Joy

Joel Osteen didn't disappoint the tens of thousands of people that filled the Nationals Park baseball stadium Sunday evening expecting him to "plant the seed of hope" in them. He not only delivered a potent dose of hope, but also rolled out an American Idol star and his own mother to share their uplifting stories of survival in the face of death at the "Night of Hope" event in Washington, D.C.

Interview: Joel Osteen on Prosperity Gospel, Crystal Cathedral, and Jesus

Joel Osteen doesn't like to ruffle feathers; he is known for his open-arms, positive-thinking, God-wants-to-bless-you approach to Christianity, which has earned him a loyal following of millions worldwide and the largest and fastest growing church in U.S. history. But ironically by striving to not exclude anyone and embracing all, Osteen has in fact alienated a segment of evangelical Christians who accuse him of watering down the Gospel or preaching a "cotton candy Gospel."

Joel Osteen Encourages Underserved Children, Homeless Single Mothers (PHOTOS)

Perhaps what is less reported and seen are photos of Joel Osteen in the nation's capital on Thursday greeting and encouraging children at an underserved school where the property had not been renovated for decades, visiting a small Christian pregnancy center, or doing the honors of cutting the ribbon for a shelter housing homeless single mothers with disabled children.

CJ Mahaney: How Pastors Can Resist Losing Heart

Prominent evangelical pastor C.J. Mahaney knows a thing or two about losing heart, having just returned earlier this year after temporarily stepping down from leading Sovereign Grace Ministries over allegations of character flaws by former SGM leaders. Mahaney delivered an emotional message on the opening day of the Together for the Gospel conference during which he immersed the attendees in studying the letter of Apostle Paul to the church in Corinth about not losing heart.

Praxis Winner Gets $50,000 to Turnaround Worst Public Schools

The first place winner of Praxis' inaugural class of social entrepreneurs is Sajan George, who was a managing director at the nation's leading turnaround agency Alvarez & Marsal for Education Practice, and has used that knowledge to develop an innovative plan to help turnaround the most underperforming public schools in America.

Missions Leader on Thousands of New Church Plants in Muslim Areas

Over 6,000 new churches were planted among Muslims in 18 different countries in Africa over the last seven years. And hundreds of former sheikhs and imams have become followers of Jesus Christ over that period. These awe-inspiring statistics, mix with heart-warming narratives about former Muslims, flow out naturally as one talks to Jerry Trousdale, a former church planter among Muslims in West Africa and now head of a disciple-making movement among Muslim people groups.

Who Is Jeremy Lin's Pastor?

Overnight sensation Jeremy Lin is on fire on the basketball court – seven consecutive wins and six straight games with at least 20 points – but who is helping Lin to keep the fire burning in his spiritual life?

Jesus Is Enemy of Phony Religion, Says Eric Metaxas

New York Times bestselling author and humor writer Eric Metaxas may fool you at first with his non-stop wisecracks (including how he wished the head table at the National Prayer Breakfast was filled with celebrities rather than politicians), but once he gets talking about his Christian faith, he gets pretty serious, pretty fast.

John Stott's Daily Prayer

The U.S. memorial service of John Stott, one of the key Christian leaders who shaped evangelicalism in the 20th century, took place at College Church in Wheaton, Ill., on Friday. The following is John Stott’s daily prayer, as found on the memorial service program.