Michelle A. Vu

Christian Post Reporter

One Year Later: Homes for Some Haiti Quake Victims

It is one year later, but most of the 1.5 million people displaced by the devastating 7.0-magnitude earthquake in Haiti are still living in tents in squalid conditions. But for a fortunate few, a new home funded or partially built by American churches will arrive this year.

Interview: Drew Dyck on Why Young Adults are Leaving Christianity

Drew Dyck, editorial manager of the ministry team at Christianity Today International, spoke with The Christian Post this week about his recent book, Generation Ex-Christian. Dyck shared about the behind-the-scenes work required to write the book and which category of ex-Christian he thinks is the hardest to bring back to the faith.

IHOP Founder Tells 27,000 Young Adults: Have No Regrets

More than 27,000 young adults from 50 countries are attending a four-day conference at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. Mike Bickle, founder and director of IHOP-KC, spoke about a supernatural encounter where Jesus told him, "You are saved, but your life was wasted."

Robert Park: Kim Jong-il's Regime Is Disturbed by Me

The Kim Jong-il regime thought it broke Robert Park, the Korean-American who illegally entered North Korea last Christmas, but it is wrong. In spite of the torture and humiliation he endured, he is back in South Korea speaking out against the regime and he knows the North is observing his every move.