Napp Nazworth

Christian Post Reporter

Poor Kids Devastated by Isolation From Family, Church, Community, Harvard Professor Robert Putnam Says (CP Interview 1/2)

The American dream, that anyone can get ahead if they work hard enough, is increasingly out of reach for the children of poor families, Robert Putnam wrote in his new book, "Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis." In an interview with The Christian Post, Putnam shared that these children, about one-third of all kids in the United States, are distrustful of everyone due to their isolation from family, churches and their community.

Is It OK to Have Sex With a Robot?

Some ethicists argue sexbots will improve our lives by ending prostitution and sex trafficking, and by fulfilling human needs. The Christian Post spoke with three Christians who have written on topics related sex and human relationships and technology to get their take on the issue.