Paul de Vries

Special to CP

20:17 Is Good for Godly Friendships

There are many great themes people have proposed for 2017, and numerous Bible verses that brothers or sisters in the Lord could select as wise, focused sources of Divine Light for the new year, 2017.

PC-Induced-Stupidity Helps the Terrorists

I am writing these reflections on September 11, 2016, just 15 years after what many call the most tragic day in American history — the day in which more than 3,000 innocent civilians died at the hands of young murderous, suicidal devotees of an oppressive religion.

Rediscovering the September 11 Scriptures

This Sunday, September 11, is the 15th remembrance of the awful terror attacks on the World Trade Center. In each of our lives much has happened in these past fifteen years since that terrible morning, but it is good to go back to recall some of what we learned at that time.

Jesus Christ Is Anti-Establishment

In both Biblical teaching and in personal experience, there is much to learn from crises of the "establishments." Godly change is a constant staple of Biblical teaching, and also continuing change is central to Spirit-led living.

Bringing Fun to Serious Bible Engagement

The long-standing CMSI is a place where curiosity is fed well, where learning is intensely enjoyable, and where practical imagination is released and emboldened. Similarly, I am confident that the developing Museum of the Bible (MOTB) being built in Washington, DC – three blocks from the Capitol – will fulfill similar purposes. It will be a place of meaningful adventure, discovery, and serious fun in learning for everyone who visits!

The Power of Bible Stories as Teaching Tools of Impartiality

To teach or preach a Bible text well is to discover at least one great principle in the text and to help people apply it. This is my mode of teaching and preaching—and how I teach others to teach and preach. Before a good sermon is over, all the people in the congregation should have some principled action in mind that can help guide them to honor and please the Lord more by their lives, by God's grace.

How to Relish, Reread, Review, Retell and Relive Bible Stories

The Bible is an awesome adventure, introducing precious eternal teachings within specific historical contexts. Through its pages readers find universal principles dramatically revealed in extraordinary human persons. God's eternal principles always matter, and so do specific timely moments of Divine action within people's lives.

Why Higher-Order Thinking Skills Are Transforming Bible Engagement

Wise parents, grandparents and educators nurture "higher-order thinking skills" (HOTS) in children, youth and one another for many good reasons. Most importantly, HOTS vividly celebrates that we humans are not merely creatures of nature; we are not now limited to the sensory world, or the world of time and space. Because of the HOTS potential that the Lord already built into our first ancestors, we can rise above our temptations, reflect on our behavior, navigate dilemmas, develop character, and even become Godly people by grace.

The Source of 'A.D.'s' Grit and Excitement

The history of the splendid human activity of reading especially centers around the Bible. Besides its divine inspiration, there are several reasons that make it the Best Book ever: millions of people have learned to read in order to read the Bible; the Bible text is supported by the greatest documentation; the Bible sets the records for manuscript copies and books written about it; movable type was invented to help propagate the Bible. Even in the very secular New York City, my town, the largest library – the New York Public Library on Fifth Avenue with the iconic giant sculptures of lions in the front – features the Bible in three of its four murals in the lobby near the main reading room.

How to Explore the Bible's Linguistic Patterns

While the wonderful surface linguistic details of the Biblical stories and teachings help carry their power, post-modern Biblical hermeneutical study helps uncover deeper linguistic reserves of linguistic power that the Holy Spirit then magnifies. One of these reserves involves the amazing and subtle linguistic patterns utilized by the skilled, Spirit-led, Biblical authors.

Common Core, School Failure and the Church to the Rescue?

The increasing failures of our schools are not primarily the fault of the education establishment or the teachers. The problem is that we dismantled the prize-winning, God-ordained architecture of education that made our country great. It is time to restore the successful education architecture, at least wherever you and I have influence.