Rod Anderson

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Has America 'Whitewashed' the Gospel?

Former All-American soccer standout Mo Isom lamented that part of the racial struggles in the United States is caused by the fact that the American Church has effectively "whitewashed the Gospel."

Egypt's Coptic Christians Honor Their Martyrs

Relatives of the 21 Coptic Christians beheaded by ISIS in the infamous "A Message Signed With Blood to the Nation of the Cross" video are sharing the pain of losing their loved ones, but also their pride in the men's refusal to deny Jesus on the two-year anniversary of their death.

Marriage Isn't All 'Happily Ever After'!

What if fairy tales were wrong to suggest that two people can fall in love and live "happily ever after?" Willie Moore Jr. wants to help couples change that narrative and their expectations with his new book ...

Are You Guilty of Rightwing Hypocrisy?

In recent months, leftwing intolerance has been on full display, from the riots against free speech at Berkeley (the home of the free speech movement), to the boycotts of Trump-related fashion ...

Evangelicals Speak Up for Refugees

Over 100 evangelical leaders have signed onto a letter published in a full-page ad in Wednesday's edition of The Washington Post that signals their opposition to President Donald Trump's moratorium on refugee resettlement.

This Saturday: A Nationwide Protest For Life!

Anti-abortion protesters are expected to gather at nearly 200 Planned Parenthood facilities across the nation Saturday to rally support for an ongoing effort aimed at urging the federal government to defund the abortion giant.

Congress Moves for Free Speech in the Pulpit

Members of Congress introduced legislation in the House and Senate on Wednesday that would restore the rights of churches and pastors to speak and advocate politically from the pulpit without fear of their tax-exempt status being revoked by the Internal Revenue Service.