Rod Anderson

CP Cartoonist

Should Nigeria's Christians Take Up a Sword?

Christians facing extreme dangers and slaughter at the hands of Islamic radicals, such as the Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria, have been urged by a prominent bishop and Christian leader to "buy a sword and defend themselves."

Seeking a Godly Path Through Today's Political Conflict

Have you ever seen America so ablaze with controversy? Protests in the streets; hysteria in the news rooms; chaos and weeping at the airports; cries for impeachment among political leaders — all because of President Trump's executive order concerning refugees.

Looking for New Blood in Church Leadership

The average age of Protestant pastors in the United States has increased by a decade over the last 25 years, putting it just six years below the current Minimum Retirement Age of 62, according to a recent study by the Barna Group.

Chinese Churches Co-Opted by Government

The government of Chinese president Xi Jinping focused heavily on forcing Christianity in the country to conform to the Communist Party's agenda, according to a major report on religious persecution.

What Kind of Seminar Is This, Planned Parenthood?

A former Planned Parenthood employee is voicing her disgust with the organization's so-called sex trafficking "retraining" meetings that have nothing to do with reporting sex traffickers to authorities, but are instead designed to train staffers how to catch undercover pro-life investigators.

Benjamin Watson Prays for Racial Unity

Baltimore Ravens tight end Benjamin Watson and hall-of-fame football coach Tony Dungy will join pastors, authors, former NFL players and media personalities at a Florida megachurch in February to discuss how faith can be used to bridge the racial divide facing the United States.

When Christians Hurt Each Other

A Christian university professor and an evangelical pastor who've been wounded by fellow Christians have written a heartfelt book that engages their pain but also explains why they cannot give up on the Church.