Wallace Henley

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Pastor Perry Noble Is Wrong About Pastors in Politics

"You're an ordained minister, aren't you?" The question came to me from a staffer in a congressional office where I worked fifteen years ago. I was the congressman's district director and briefly acting chief of staff. Years before I had been a White House aide.

Obama, Hillary Want Jesus' Kingdom Without Jesus

Recent events show that many contemporary politicians and their minions want the City of God without God, the fruit of Jesus' Kingdom without Jesus, the transforming work of the Holy Spirit without the Holy Spirit, and absolute truth without absolutes.

Defund Dr. Frankenstein!

Not since Dr. Frankenstein's minions went scouring through cemeteries and morgues for body parts have we seen anything as sinister as Planned Parenthood's tissue racket.

Kim Davis and Rosa Parks

If, as Rick Warren and others have suggested, religious liberty is becoming the major civil rights issue of our time, will Kim Davis be the Rosa Parks of the movement?

The Good News of the Apocalypse

So what's behind that curtain? People everywhere are asking that question these days. Others want to avoid it because the thought of "apocalypse" is terrifying to them. However, there is also some very good news behind the curtain of history.

San Francisco and Liberalism's Fatal Flaw

Katherine Steinle died while strolling on a lovely San Francisco pier, a victim of humanist-secular progressivism's fatal flaw, as much as from a bullet fired, allegedly, by a man who had been convicted seven times of felonies, and deported five times.

SCOTUS Has Put an 'Air Hammer' to America's Foundations

There is a stunned silence in the immediate aftermath of the Supreme Court of the United States' assault on the Constitution inherent in its ruling on same-sex marriage — even though most knew it was coming. Nevertheless, let us now pause and consider the enormity of the decision.

Pope Francis: Pastor or Policy Wonk?

In his Encyclical, "Laudato Si mi' Signore'" ("Praise be to you, my Lord"), released June 18, Pope Francis reveals an inspiring, dynamic, compassionate heart, and then smothers it in the same old stagnant, wearying strategizing of the finite human mind.

Is Texas Governor Greg Abbott a Nut or Churchillian Seer?

This fictional scenario bears at least some resemblance to what Texas Governor Greg Abbott faces as the U.S. Army Special Operations Command prepares to launch Operation Jade Helm this July in Texas, and several other western states. Abbott has instructed the Texas State Guard to monitor the training program. This has evoked heaps of scorn from left-progressive voices, as well as from some in his own party.