June 4, 2014|1:04 pm

Here are 10 more church signs to leave you holy rolling in laughter. If you love church signs, be sure to check out our prior collections here, here and here.

Church sign - quotes (Photo: thisisanz/Instagram)
Church sign - hokey (Photo: pastortonybrock/Instagram)
Church sign - NSA (Photo: ray25hua/Instagram)
Church sign - old fashioned (Photo: pastorcantsay/Instagram)
Church sign - still here (Photo: futuremrsdelapp/Instagram)
Church sign - admission (Photo: jondcoad/Instagram)
Church sign - narrow (Photo: werjesusfreaks/Instagram)
Church sign - odd (Photo: madeofstars03/Instagram)
Church sign - praise (Photo: kentonklassen/Instagram)
Church sign - grumbly (Screenshot: magicbob21/Instagram)