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14 FREE eBooks By John Piper

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September 5, 2013|5:54 pm

These are some of the selected FREE ebooks from John Piper's ministry, Desiring God, which are available to all to read and gain wisdom from.

1. Adoniram Judson: How Few There Are Who Die So Hard!

adoniran judson (Photo:

"Are you sure that God wants you to continue your life in this comparatively church-saturated land? Or might he be calling you to fill up what is lacking in the sufferings of Christ, to fall like a grain of wheat into some distant ground and die, to hate your life in this world and so to keep it forever and bear much fruit?"

 2. Alive to Wonder: Celebrating the Influence of C. S. Lewis

alive to wonder (Photo:

"In this fiftieth year since he died, I offer this little book as a celebration of the influence of C. S. Lewis in my life. I hope I do so in humility. I know I do so with profound thankfulness."

3. Andrew Fuller: I Will Go Down If You Will Hold the Rope!

andrew fuller (Photo:

"The Bible was always paramount: 'Lord, thou hast given me a determination to take up no principle at second-hand; but to search for everything at the pure fountain of thy word.' ... That is one of the main reasons why it is so profitable to read Fuller to this very day: He is so freshly biblical."

4. David Brainerd May I Never Loiter On My Heavenly Journey!

david brainer (Photo:

"Brainerd's life is a vivid, powerful testimony to the truth that God can and does use weak, sick, discouraged, beat-down, lonely, struggling saints, who cry to him day and night, to accomplish amazing things for his glory."

5. Disability and the Sovereign Goodness of God

Disability and the Sovereign Goodness of God (Photo:

"One of the reasons I believe the Bible and love the Bible is because it deals with the hardest issues in life. It doesn't sweep painful things under the rug — or complex things or confusing things or provoking things or shocking things or controversial things."

6. Doctrine Matters: Ten Theological Trademarks from a Lifetime of Preaching

doctrine matters (Photo:

"What the world needs from the church is our indomitable joy in Jesus in the midst of suffering and sorrow."

7. Good News of Great Joy: Daily Readings for Advent

good news of great joy (Photo:

"What I want most for Christmas this year is to join you (and many others) in seeing Christ in all his fullness and that we together be able to love what we see with a love far beyond our own half-hearted human capacities."

8. John G. Paton: You Will Be Eaten By Cannibals!

John G. Paton_ You Will Be Eaten By Cannibals! (Photo:

"I confess to you, that if I can but live and die serving and honoring the Lord Jesus, it will make no difference to me whether I am eaten by Cannibals or by worms."

9. Love to the Uttermost: Devotional Readings for Holy Week

love the uttermost (Photo:

"This Holy Week fix your gaze steadily on Christ as he loves you to the uttermost."

10. Martin Luther: Lessons from His Life and Labor

martin luther (Photo:

"We are beggars — pray-ers. That is how we live, and that is how we study, so that God gets the glory and we get the grace."

11. Preparing for Marriage: Help for Christian Couples

preparing for marriage(Photo:

"Preparing well for marriage means asking each other all the hard questions."

12. Sanctification in the Everyday: Three Sermons by John Piper

Sanctification in the Everyday_Three Sermons by John Piper(Photo:

"When Charles Wesley taught us to sing, 'He breaks the power of cancelled sin,' he was teaching the fundamental truth about how the cross and our battle with sin are related. The cross cancels sins for all who believe on Jesus. Then on the basis of that cancellation of our sins, the power of our actual sinning is broken. It's not the other way around."

13. Take Care How You Listen: Sermons by John Piper on Receiving the Word

take care how you listen(Photo:

"So take heed how you hear! Hear with spiritual ears, not just the ears on your head. And hear with an honest and good heart, not a deceptive and evil heart."

14. A Tribute to My Father: With Other Writings

a tribute to my father(Photo:

"This is a fragment of the legacy of truth imparted to me by my father. The word imparted was no mere transmission of information. It involved a whole life of proclamation and demonstration."


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