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16 Must-See Photos of Behind the Scenes of Duck Dynasty With Robertson Family

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September 7, 2013|5:59 pm

Silas Robertson, affectionately known as "Uncle Si" on A&E's "Duck Dynasty," has given fans a view behind the scenes recently in a special video for Good Morning America. Uncle Si showed Duck Dynasty's headquarters and introduced his wife, Christina!

Here are some pictures from the best moments of the video, as well as other must-see photos from behind the scenes from the A&E Camo Photo Shoot and the Parade Cover Shoot with the Robertson family.

1. The Duck Dynasty headquarters...

uncle si (Photo:

Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty.

2. The Conference Room....

uncle si (Photo:

Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty.

3. Nap place...

uncle si (Photo:

Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty.

4. His wife...

uncle si and wife (Photo:

Uncle Si and his wife Miss Christine.

5. Christina!!!

christina uncle si (Photo:

Uncle Si and his wife, Miss Christine.

A&E Camo Photo Shoot

6. Hair & Makeup Salon

Camo Photo Shoot (Photo:

7. Sadie - Willie's daughter

sadie (Photo:

8. Korie - Willie's wife

Camo Photo Shoot (Photo:

Korie Robertson, Willie Robertson's wife from Duck Dynasty.

9. Jessica - Jep's wife

Camo Photo Shoot (Photo:

Jessica, Jep’s wife from Duck Dynasty.

10. Jep – Willie's brother

Camo Photo Shoot (Photo:

11. Phil - Willie's dad

phil robertson(Photo: Robertson from Duck Dynasty.

12. Miss Kay - Willie's Mom

miss kay(Photo: Kay Robertson, Phil Robertson's wife from Duck Dynasty.

13. Willie...

willie robertson(Photo: Robertson from Duck Dynasty.

14. All beautiful women dressed in pink

Camo Photo Shoot(Photo:

Preparation for Parade's cover shoot.

15. One, two, three... Click!

duck dynasty behind the scenes


15. Telling secrets...

Duck Dynasty(Photo:

16. Excuse us now, it's time to hunt...

duck dynasty behind the scenes(Photo:



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