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5 Great Ideas for Your Family to Use as 'Christmas Traditions' to Mark the Birth of Jesus

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December 15, 2013|11:14 pm

Traditions during the holidays, especially Christmas, are symbolic for Christians. One that is more significant than any other for Christians during this season is to remember Christ Himself in celebrating his birth. Traditions are a great way to pass down the stories of faith through the generations.

We have many Christmas traditions that remind us of Christ; the sound of carols are the proclamation of rejoicing, and the evergreen tree is a reminder of the cross and the everlasting life we have in Jesus.

Other traditions such as the nativity remind us that God came as a man of flesh to take away the sins of the world. The gifts tell the story of the three wise men that came to adore the Son of God.

You may want to start new traditions with your family that bring more meaning to the holiday. Below are 5 great ideas that can be used to start Christmas traditions for you and your family:

1. Share the Nativity Story and Stress the Importance of the Gospel to the Children

nativity(Photo: REUTERS)

- Explain to them the true meaning of Christmas and how Jesus' birth signifies God's grace and love for his people.

2. Use Decorations that Display the Life of Christ

Christmas (Photo: REUTERS/Andrew Burton)

Christmas decorations light up the outside of Macy's department store in Herald Square, New York December 2, 2011.

-In addition to the basic nativity being set up, you may also want to put an Angel on the top of your tree and some Stars. You can also include a cross and bible verses that talk about the life of Jesus.

3. Try and Fast a Meal

Malaysia National Evangelical Fellowship Wrapping

The ''Lighting Up Our Nation 2005'' campaign very much emphasized on the power of prayers. Apart from the highlighted National Conference held last weekend, a 40-day nationwide fasting, prayer and charity was already launched on Jul. 22, and it will last

- During the holidays, there is a large focus is on food. This year, either the week of or the week before try and give up a meal and pray for the less fortunate in the world.

4. Watch a Movie About the Life of Christ

Entertainment Weekly Ranks 'Passion of Christ' Mos

Jim Caviezel, portraying Jesus Christ, is helped by Jarreth Merz, who plays Simon of Cyrene, in carrying a cross in this scene from ''The Passion of the Christ.'' Mel Gibson's ''Passion'' ranks as the most controversial film of all time, according to Ente

- There are many good films out there that focus on the birth, death, life and resurrection of Christ. Some include: The Passion of the Christ, Jesus of Nazareth, or even Ben Hur.

5. Share Stories About How God Has Worked in Your Life

Women kneel at pews during a service at Pastor Andrew Hamblin's Tabernacle Church of God in LaFollette, Tenn. (Photo: NGT)

Women kneel at pews during a service at Pastor Andrew Hamblin's Tabernacle Church of God in LaFollette, Tenn.

- While your family is together this holiday, use this time to share any personal stories you may have about your faith, redemption or even life change. Reflect on the past and speak about how to grow stronger in faith individually and as a family.


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