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5 Must-See Movies With Christian Themes

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September 12, 2013|5:06 pm

Movies are a wonderful form of entertainment, and for Christians they are a great way to affirm faith and be filled with enouragement and grace - if you watch the right movies!

Check out our list of 5 great movies that contain strong Christian themes.

1. Les Miserables

"Les Miserables," originally a French historical novel by Victor Hugo published in 1862 and considered by many to be one of the most significant works of the nineteenth century, explores a number of central Christian themes, such as forgiveness, hope and redemption, and has been adopted into various formats.

les miserables

2. Flywheel

"Flywheel" is a Christian drama film about the unexpected pitfalls that a used car dealer experiences when he suddenly goes honest. The dealer intentionally overcharges his customers until reaching a turning point in his life when he decides to end his shady business practices and become a truthful Christian.


3. Fireproof

"Fireproof" tells the inspiring story of a fireman and his struggle to save his faltering marriage from ending with his newfound faith and with the help of the "Love Dare," a 40-day spiritual guide that utilizes Scripture to reveal what true love is.


4. Facing the Giants

"Facing the Giants" is a Christian film about a football coach who uplifts his losing team through faith in God

facing the giants

5. Chariots of Fire

"Chariots of Fire" is an inspiring story of a young Scottish runner who is willing to put obedience to God before an Olympic gold medal.

chariots of fire


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