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5 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith in People

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September 4, 2013|2:59 pm

1. A homeless man saves a Dallas police officer who was being beaten in the street.

charles alexander (Photo: Screenshot/YouTube)

Charles Alexander, Homeless Man And Former Crip Gang Leader

homeless saves police (Photo: YouTube)

2. A sign asking help to collect items for a baby shower for a mom.

adopt a mom (Photo: Facebook/Wyatte-Baptist-Church)

3. A sign at an amazing Dry Cleaners Shop.

dry cleaning (Photo: Pinterest)

4. This athlete with disability helped his competitor.

encourager (Photo: Facebook/Wyatte-Baptist-Church)

5. A gentle man helped an elderly woman to cross the street in Russia.

good deeds 1 (Photo: YouTube)

She did a little prayer and tried to cross.

good deeds2 (Photo: YouTube)

But gave up and this mission seemed to be very impossible for her.

good deeds3 (Photo: YouTube)

But not until a gentle man run to help her to cross safetly.

good deeds4 (Photo: YouTube)

Mission accomplished! Thanks God!


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