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5 Ways to Live an Extraordinary Life: Suggestions on How to Love Others and Do God's Work (VIDEO)

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March 17, 2014|7:51 pm
Extraordinary life (Screenshot: RELEVANT/YouTube)

If anyone is qualified to give advice on how to live an extraordinary life, Bob Goff is. After starting his career as a construction attorney, Goff founded Restore International in 2003 to "fight the injustices committed against children" around the world.

In India, Restore has had over 80 criminals arrested for engaging in the sex trade. In Uganda, the organization built a school and has helped bring over 200 cases to court to help children who were imprisoned without a trial.

Goff's 2012 book "Love Does" is a New York Times best-selling collection of non-fiction essays about not merely planning or dreaming about God's work for you, but doing it.

This video from RELEVANT adds dramatic video over a list of five things Goff suggests doing to live an extraordinary life, narrowed down from a list of 10 from a 2012 article.


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