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8 of the Most Christian Viral Videos of 2013

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September 4, 2013|4:37 pm

8. The Godly Truth About Bikini's - FINALLY Someone Gets It!

bikini (Photo: YouTube)

Published: Jun 21, 2013
Viewcount: 174,002

7. Praise Dancer Praises Into the PulPit

praise dancer (Photo: YouTube)

Published: Aug 11, 2013
Viewcount: 291,319

6. Keep Yo Business off Yo Facebook

Keep Yo Business off Yo Facebook (Photo: YouTube)

Published: Jul 12, 2013
Viewcount: 296,563

5. WATCH NOW "IN A NUTSHELL" if this doesn't scare you into reality

watch now (Photo: YouTube)

Published: Jan 1, 2013
Viewcount: 445,806

4. LHS Graduation valedictorian speech/prayer

graduation prayer (Photo: YouTube)

Published: Jun 3, 2013
Viewcount: 773,664

3. Street Fighter II "Best of Church Edition" Starring Benny Hinn

street fighter (Photo: YouTube)

Published: Jun 3, 2013
Viewcount: 2,209,631

2. How to Become Pope

pope (Photo: YouTube)

Published: Feb 19, 2013
Viewcount: 2,513,107

1. Rappin' for Jesus

rapping (Photo: YouTube)

Published: Feb 5, 2013
Viewcount: 2,827,467


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