By Michael David , BuzzVine Contributor
November 22, 2013|4:08 pm

Babies Dancing (Photo: Screen Grab via YouTube/Tolly Vids)

Babies dance in an Evian commercial.

People are known to express their happiness in a variety of ways. We hear terms like, "I'm so happy I could kiss you," and some people even complete the kiss. Dancing, however, is perhaps one of the most popular expressions of elation over a job well done or a well-deserved achievement. It is so popular there is a slang for the expression - the "happy dance."

Here are five dance videos that might give you a happy feeling.

1. The world went ga-ga over this Evian baby-dancing commercial.

YouTube/Tolly Vids
Kids Dancing Funny Video

2. This video is all warm and fuzzy and sort of makes you want to jump on the spot with everybody.

YouTube/Matt Harding
Where the Hell is Matt? 2008

3. This one's a bit spectacular.

Parov Stelar - All Night (JSM)

4. The Carlton Banks move always makes the cut.

YouTube/CridironThe Carlton Dance

5. Don't you wish you did something like this at your wedding?

YouTube/BoxofRawks777Funny First Wedding Dance-REALLY FUNNY!!