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'Love Is An Open Door' From Disney's Frozen by 'Good Looking' Lip-Syncing Christian Couple (VIDEO)

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March 16, 2014|11:19 am

Well, it ain't "Let It Go." At least, that was the first thought that ran though my mind when I saw that yet another amateur "Frozen" had gone viral.

Good Looking Parents Sing Disney's 'Frozen' (Photo: YouTube / samuel8955)

Some random facts about these two:

The wife-half of the "Good-Looking Couple Sings 'Frozen'" apparently not only wears side headbands with yellow posies but also is a wreathmaking artist.

Sam, the American Eagle polo-sporting minivan driver, has an insanely awesome photo-shoot that he's been doing with their daughter, Symphony. (Currently in the car seat, but you can find her in abandoned buildings, water tunnels and other desolate landscapes here.)

And, according to YouTube, they have grander aspirations than embodying Disney characters.

"Our goal in life is to be more like Jesus every single day."



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