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Once Called 'Ugliest Woman in the World', But True Beauty Is On the Inside and Lizzie Velasquez Knows it!

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January 10, 2014|5:29 pm

Lizzie Velasquez (Photo: YouTube Screenshot/Lizzie Velasquez)

Lizzie Velasquez has been called many names growing up, and some may even know her as "The Ugliest Woman in the World." She was bullied growing up and did not get why some people did not like her. Her parents had raised her well and never treated her like she was different from anyone else. When Lizzie asked her mother what was different about her, she was told that she had a syndrome that stopped her from gaining weight. Her parents had also told her to walk with her head held high up and people would eventually realize that inside she is like every other human being.

She wished and prayed she would look different one day. She had an excellent support system behind her and that helped her a lot along the way. They taught her even though things are hard at times, you can't let it define who YOU are as a person.

One day, a video was put up on the Internet that called her the "Ugliest Woman in the World." She read a comment that said, "Put a gun to your head and kill yourself."

She cried for days until she realized one important thing; she could not let this define her as a person.

This beautiful young woman decided to let her goals and success define her and would use all the negativity as fuel for the drive. She eventually graduated college and became a motivational speaker, inspiring thousands with her story and passion. Also, on the way are a few books she has written.

Lizzie encourages others to use negative energy from people as motivation to drive you closer to your goal. Hear her INCREDIBLE story of motivation in the video below:


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