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Pray for Syria: 6 Photos of the World Praying for Peace

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September 8, 2013|7:06 pm

1. Rick Warren urging prayer for Syria through his Twitter.

pray for syria (Photo: Twitter/Rick Warren)

Pastor Rick Warren.

2. Pope Francis leading a world prayer day for peace in Syria.

pope (Photo: Reuters)

Pray for peace: Pope Francis takes part in a vigil after writing to G20 leaders as he calls for a peaceful resolution in Syria.

3. Christians in Jerusalem praying for Syria.

christians in jerusalem (Photo: YouTube/Reuters)

Christians pray for Syria at the Mount of Olives, in Jerusalem.

prayer for syria (Photo:

Christians praying for Syria in Jerusalem.

4. A pastor on YouTube promoting an Emergency Prayer for Syria.

pastor cameron (Photo:

Pastor Cameron praying for Syria.

5. Marianne Williamson, spiritual teacher and author of four New York Times #1 bestsellers, calling for prayer for Syria through her Twitter.

Marianne Williamson (Photo: Facebook/Marianne Williamson)

6. Syrian Christians praying for peace.

christians in syria (Photo:

Syrian Christians in Lebanon praying for peace


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