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President Obama and Vice-President Biden Jog Around White House to Fight Childhood Obesity (VIDEO)

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February 28, 2014|7:09 pm

Obama, Biden jog (Screenshot: LetsMove/YouTube)

I now officially feel worse about sitting at my desk for eight hours at a time. After all, if the Leader of the Free World and his #2 can find time to go for a quick jog like in this video, why can't I?

A few reasons why I shouldn't feel too bad:

1. Running in my office building without explanation will lead me directly to a sit-down with the NYPD.

2. I have bad knees.

3. I'm 99 and 44/100% sure this doesn't actually happen.

Obama, Biden stretch (Screenshot: LetsMove/YouTube)

Rather, the jog between President Obama and VP Biden is a staged ploy for Let's Move!, an initiative that promotes healthy lifestyles to combat child obesity. Let's just say the lady behind Let's Move has some pull with the Prez – The First Lady, that is.


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