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See What Happened When a Guy Took a Selfie With a Camera-Shy Squirrel (PHOTOS)

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April 30, 2014|11:21 am
Squirrel selfie (Source: imgur)

A Reddit user posted all the reason I need to not take close selfies with wild animals.

His friend in Florida came across a friendly looking squirrel and posed to take a selfie with it. As he took the photo, the squirrel got grabby with his phone.

Squirrel selfie (Source: imgur)

When the shot was taken, the squirrel then showed its wild side and jumped on the selfie-taker and climbed all over him. This priceless shot was taken by the young man's mother, who was overcome with laughter.

Squirrel selfie (Souce: imgur)

H/T: BuzzFeed


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