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Wednesday, Oct 26, 2016

Seven Things You Didn't Know About Kirk Cameron

  • (Photo: YouTube)
    Kirk Cameron and his sister Candace Cameron Bure.
September 12, 2013|3:16 pm

1. He was once an atheist.

By the age of 14 he was so convinced there was no God that he laughed at those who thought there was. However, Jesus spun his life 180, and today he cannot understand why atheists do not believe God exists and why some even hate Him even though they think he doesn't exist.

2. He converted to Jesus Christ at the age of 17.

During the height of his career on Growing Pains, he developed a belief in God, and became a born-again Christian.

3. He is co-founder of the evangelical ministry The Way of the Master with evangelist Ray Comfort.

Kirk trains Christians in evangelism in this ministry, which is a television show that won the National Religious Broadcasters' Best Program Award for two consecutive years.

4. His sister Candace Cameron Bure is also a Christian and has her own ministry.

Actress and producer, who played D.J. Tanner on FULL HOUSE, Candace Cameron Bure became a Christian when she was just 12.

5. He and his wife have adopted four children.

Cameron and his wife, fellow Growing Pains star Chelsea Noble, have six children, four of whom were adopted: Jack (born 1996), Isabella (born 1997), Anna (born 1998), and Luke (born 2000).

6. He puts on a retreat for terminally ill children.

Every summer, he and his family invite terminally and seriously ill children and their families to Camp Firefly.

"It's a camp my wife and I started with our family about 24 years ago, when we were working on Growing Pains. We were meeting lots of children through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Their wish was to meet the Seaver family and get an autograph. Our hearts went out to them. My wife and I wanted to do something more for them than just sign a piece of paper and take a picture," Cameron said, according to Charisma News.

7. He starred in the Left Behind film series and the drama film, Fireproof.

Kirk portrayed Cameron "Buck" Williams in the Left Behind film series and was the lead actor and portrayed Captain Caleb Holt in Fireproof.

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