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Stunning Dance Performance About God and Relationships Will Move You (VIDEO)

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February 15, 2014|7:01 pm
Mariel Madrid (Screenshot: Keone and Mari/YouTube)

If you asked Mariel Madrid about herself, you might hear that she's a dancer, but don't be surprised if her first words talk about how much she loves the Lord. After all, His name is all over her social media pages.

"All my creativity comes from my heavenly Father. To God be all the glory," says her Facebook page.

"Being alive is great. Thoughts are nice. God is the best," proclaims her Twitter.

She and husband Keone are renowned choreographers and dancers, and they don't hide the fact they love Jesus. We last saw them in their charming routine for Bob Marley's "Is This Love" where they dressed up as an elderly couple.

In this video, Mariel dances solo to "Not with Haste" by Mumford & Sons in a statement about how God should reign supreme in any relationship, not the judgments of others. She describes it:

"This is about something very deep down and very complicated. Something painful, yet wonderful. Bottom line though, nobody has anything to do with relationships besides God and the people in them. Foster to those; you can't fail and you can't lose yourself."

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