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Teenage Girl Writes Cop $10 Ticket for Parking Violation, Cop Responds With Heartwarming Surprise (VIDEO)

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March 26, 2014|4:45 pm

Tommy King and Annie James (Screenshot: KPRC)

A Texas police officer got a lesson in "practice what you preach" from a teenage girl and responded in the sweetest way.

Officer Tommy King parked his patrol car in a "no parking" zone by the leasing office of the Baytown, Tex. apartment complex where 14-year-old Annie James lives. When the teenager, a recent transplant from Alabama, saw the parking violation, she wrote the cop a $10 ticket and left it on his windshield. The notebook paper citation asked King to pay a $10 fine to the complex manager.

Amused by the trading of places, King paid the fine and bought James a $20 gift card to Toys "R" Us, which the store matched to give the young rule enforcer a total of $40 to spend at the store. Justice was served, and toys will be bought.


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