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The Noah Movie Opened... Christians: Run For the Hills! (Meme)

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By Sasha Lane , BuzzVine Contributor
March 29, 2014|9:35 am


Noah Movie (Image: via Alex Murashko)

Author and film producer Phil Cook urges Christians to prepare for the end of Christianity.

"Based on the hundreds of responses to my recent blog posts about the Paramount Pictures movie Noah, here's what we should do: prepare for the end of Christianity. After Friday's opening, be ready for millions of Christians to turn away from the faith," he states.

He continues, "This movie will be the most catastrophic event since the crucifixion. We thought all that pesky persecution of the early church during the Roman era was rough, or the gulags in Soviet Russia and North Korea, or the outlawed Church in China or burning churches in Muslim countries. But that's nothing compared to the onslaught of Darren Aronofsky and his team..."

FULL STORY: The Noah Movie Opened This Weekend. Christians: Run For the Hills 


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