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Waiter Earns Massive Gratuity From 'Tips for Jesus', Thinks It's Fake and Throws It Away

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February 18, 2014|11:46 pm
Tips for Jesus - Acabar (Photo: Tips for Jesus/Instagram)

If you needed a good reason to follow social media, here's one. Ron Kinney, a 67-year-old waiter at the French Quarter Restaurant in West Hollywood, received a tip so mammoth over the Christmas season he was sure it was fake.

"I was pretty naive, I guess," Kinney told the San Francisco Chronicle. "I thought it was someone who had a drink too many and didn't realize what they were doing. … We see this all the time. People make mistakes."

Unfortunately, he hadn't heard about Tips for Jesus, the anonymous Instagrammer who's been leaving outrageous tips at bars and restaurants around the country. Some believe former Paypal VP Jack Selby is behind the project.

Kinney thinks the tip was either $4,000 or $7,000 on a bill no greater than $50. He and his co-workers have been looking for the discarded receipt, but they can't find it. Hopefully for Kinney, Tips for Jesus will hear of his plight and make a return trip to be served by the waiter again.

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