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Wendy Williams Advises Woman to Trick Husband Into Having a Another Baby (VIDEO)

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April 25, 2014|11:51 am

Wendy Williams 2 (Screenshot: Wendy Williams/YouTube)

During the "Ask Wendy" segment of her show, a guest asked host Wendy Williams for advice on a situation in her marriage. The guest and her husband had their first child nine months ago, a baby girl.

"So, before we were married, he promised me we would have two kids and now he doesn't want any more," she explains. "My friends think I should trick him and stop taking my birth control. What do you think, Wendy?"

What Wendy thinks is that deception is indeed the answer. And when she polls her audience, at least half respond in enthused agreement.

For the rest, this guy's reaction pretty much sums it up.

Wendy Williams (Screenshot: Wendy Williams/YouTube)


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