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Friday, Oct 28, 2016

What I Saw in DC During the Government Shutdown

  • (Photo: The Christian Post)
    Smithsonian Museum during the government shutdown, Washington, D.C., Oct. 2, 2013.
By D.S. Tractor , BuzzVine Contributor
October 4, 2013|8:48 am

I walked around Washington, D.C., during the government shutdown. This is what I saw.

 As I expected, all the museums were closed.

 But what about the monuments? After all, there are no gates and they are just out in the open.

Well, barricades were erected in front of the monuments. Here is the World War II Memorial.

 Apparently, earlier that day a bunch of WWII vets stormed the barricade to get inside. The memorial was not totally inaccessible, though. You could still walk around it and view the part that faced outward.

There were still tourists around. Some of them were riding those scooter thingies.

 There was also this random barricade that people just walked around.

 This bathroom was locked. (Don't worry, the next photo will not be of me urinating in the reflecting pool, so you can keep scrolling down.)

 The Lincoln Memorial was also barricaded. Guards were posted there to make sure no one got past the barricades. Because of the government shutdown, they have to hire people to keep people from seeing the memorial because they cannot hire people to let people see the memorial ... uh? ... or something like that.

 The MLK Memorial was also barricaded.

 These people standing outside encouraged me to slip past the barricade and go see the memorial. They already did it, they told me, and not long before I arrived a group of about 50 did the same.

 So I slipped past the barricade and took this photo.

 A couple other rebellious folks were there with me.

 This water fountain doesn't work. Because of the government shutdown?

 Oh wait, but this one works. Maybe it was just broken?

 There was also this random closed sign that you can just walk around.


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