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With the Love of Jesus, Widow Forgives Gunmen Who Murdered Her Husband in Libya (VIDEO)

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December 23, 2013|1:52 pm

Anita Smith forgives her husband's killers. (Photo: Screenshot/CNN)

Ronnie Smith, 33, was a teacher from Austin, Tex. working at the International School Benghazi in Libya when he was gunned down while on a morning jog on December 5. He left behind his wife Anita and young son Hosea. Now, in a nearly impossible act of love, Anita Smith said about her husband's unknown assailants, "I do love them and I forgive them."

Last week she told CNN's Anderson Cooper, "I pray with all my heart that the attackers – that maybe this incident will call them to know the love and forgiveness that's found in Jesus. I really do."

In the video below, Anita affirms her love for the killers and the people of Libya as a whole. Since the 2011 revolution that deposed dictator Moammar Gadhafi, armed groups have met little resistance from authorities in carrying out acts of violence.

When asked about her immediate response of love, that lacked any anger or desire for revenge, she said, "It's gotta be God's spirit pouring into me, replacing that anger with his love."

Watch Anita Smith's inspiring display of faith and love in this video from CNN.


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