ISIS militants preparing to execute a group of Ethiop‚Äči‚Äčan Christians in Libya in a video released on April 19, 2015.
(Photo: Reuters video screencap)

ISIS Shoots and Beheads 30 Ethiopian Christians on Video; Promises Further 'Revenge' for 'Shed Muslim Blood'

Terror group ISIS has released a new video showing the slaughter of two groups of Ethiopian Christians in Libya, numbering 30 people in total. ISIS warned "the nation of the cross" that more killings are to come, vowing further "revenge" for what it called "shed Muslim blood" in the region.

Pakistan Indicts 16 Christians for Killing Two Church-Bombing Suspects; 90 Injured Churchgoers in Critical Condition

Pakistani Christians

The Anti Terrorism Court in Lahore, Pakistan, has indicted 16 Christians who it says were responsible for the killing and burning of two terror suspects believed to have been involved in the March 15 suicide-bombing of two churches in Youhanabad, which killed 17 people. Non-profit groups have meanwhile highlighted that women and children are among the 90 or so critically injured church-goers that need urgent help.