9 Out of 10 Pharmacists Recommend …

Another group of healthcare professionals overwhelmingly use and recommend supplements. Find out what they take themselves and suggest to their customers, and why.

  • Young women with significant PMS may face three-fold higher risk of high blood pressure compared with women with no PMS.

  • Evidence shows that the adult brain doesn’t stop renewing itself as it ages, and that we have more control over neurogenesis than we previously believed.

  • Though the genesis of National Parfait Day is unclear, Nov. 25 is the time to celebrate this popular dish which, translated from the French, means “perfect.”  The origin of parfait is relatively recent, according to, with a first reference made by a chef in 1894. The traditional preparation, which is made using a technique called saboyan, includes cream, egg, sugar, and syrup. Following the Parisian style, the resulting pureed custard may be plated in any number of ways and is not relegated to glass. Though born in France, the parfait is now a world traveler. In fact, endless variations on this basic theme of a layered dish exist today. Most notably the British conception favors pate, while the American version generally includes yogurt as an ingredient and always (always!) is served in a stylish glass. Click "view slideshow" for generally healthy recipes collected from various sources. Food, and the parfait in particular, is the most democratic of art forms, forever open to suggestion and eager for new invention. Once you understand the basics, let your imagination fly. 


  • A 15-year-old boy has died of Ebola in Liberia, the first such fatality for months in a country declared free of the disease in September, its chief medical officer said on Tuesday.

  • A new study has found breastfeeding may offer unique benefits for women who experience gestational diabetes.

  • The European Commission has approved Novartis' Entresto drug for the treatment of adult patients with symptomatic chronic heart failure with reduced ejection fraction, the Swiss drugmaker said on Tuesday.

  • Maine's top health official on Monday proposed banning the purchase of soda and candy under the federal aid program known as food stamps, describing the move as needed to counter an "alarming epidemic of obesity" among the state's poor.

  • Some 15.8 million people are now on HIV treatment and a five-year strategy to end the threat of a never-ending AIDS pandemic is starting to show results, the United Nations AIDS program said on Tuesday.

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