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andy stanley

Andy Stanley's North Point Ministries Named the Largest Church in America; He's Ready to Invest in 30-Somethings

A new list published in Outreach Magazine names Andy Stanley's North Point Ministries as the largest church in America. As exciting as this designation may be, Stanley is already focused on the next best thing, fostering the next generation of church leaders.

  • Bethany Blankley

    Obama Funded Islamist Rebels Without Congressional Approval, Creating ISIS, 'Benghazi4's' Death and Genocide of Christians

    President Obama, Hillary Clinton, David Petraeus, the CIA, among others, provided weapons and billions of dollars to Islamists who are beheading Americans, systematically committing genocide against Christians, and destroying the democratic gains once achieved in Iraq.

  • Crystal Wright

    Hillary and the GOP's Field of Dreams

    The way Hillary Clinton is acting it seems to be a foregone conclusion she's going to run for president in 2016. First her book tour, then her visit to Iowa for Senator Harkin's annual Democrat steak fry, where she exclaimed, "I'm back!" And of course the recent birth of her granddaughter Charlotte, which seemed all too contrived by Chelsea to help turn her mother into the perfect mom, grandmother, wife and candidate.

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