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Marjorie Dannenfelser

In Pro-Life Case Involving 'Obamacare' Abortion Funding, Supreme Court Has Free Speech Concerns

An Ohio law that was used to stifle the political speech of a pro-life group appears in jeopardy Tuesday after the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in the case of Susan B. Anthony List vs. Driehaus.

  • David French

    Why Parents Are So Afraid: The Overprotected Kid Syndrome

    Last month Hanna Rosin penned a much-discussed article entitled "The Overprotected Kid," lamenting how parents have worked mightily to strip virtually every perceived risk from childhood without actually making childhood that much safer. I suspect the main effect of the article has been to give worrying, fearful parents one more thing to be afraid about — whether they're too fearful.

  • Dr. Charles F. Stanley

    Understanding God's Holiness

    If you've ever read through Leviticus, you may have wondered why God gave the Israelites so many rules and details about sacrifices and worship procedures. When I was a boy, I remember thinking all those cows could have fed a lot of people. To me, the sacrifices seemed like a big waste, but that's because I didn't understand what the Lord was teaching His people.

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