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Tim Keller, Timothy Keller

Tim Keller Warns Christians About Being Divided by Politics: 'You're Christian First'

Timothy Keller, senior pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, warned Christians Thursday against allowing politics to divide the Church and said before anything else, "you're Christian first."

  • Chuck Bentley

    Ask Chuck: 8 Budget Hacks to Save Over $3,600

    Dear Chuck: I've seen that you really encourage people to save $1,000 that they don't touch at all except for extreme emergencies, but seriously, I CAN'T DO IT! I need some advice on where to cut because I'm so close to the edge. Got any ideas?

  • Michael Brown

    Pastors: They're Coming After You!

    So I'll admit it. I did come up with the title of this article for shock value, but the fact is, you need to be shocked. In other words, the title may be sensational, but it is only sensational because it is true.

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