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Baltimore, Maryland

State of Emergency Issued After Baltimore Erupts in Flames and Rioting; Pastor Jamal Bryant Rebukes Rioters

Republican Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan declared a state of emergency in Baltimore City Monday night and activated the National Guard as pockets of West Baltimore erupted in flames and rioters looted and clashed with police shortly after the funeral of 25-year-old Freddie Gray who died on April 19, after suffering serious injury while in police custody.

  • Pastor Rick McDaniel

    The Supreme Court, Why Marriage Matters, and Mov't Toward Same-Sex Approval

    The Supreme Court heard arguments on Tuesday about whether states can legally choose to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman. It is a defining moment in our nation's history. Though marriage between a man and a woman has existed since the beginning, this time-honored institution is under fire. For nearly twenty years the debate has raged. Before federal judges began to overturn marriage laws, 30 states had protected normative marriage. Now the High Court is poised to decide for us all.

  • Ron Hart

    Clinton Cash: Influence Peddling and Hubris

    In January, I wrote that the Clinton Foundation is nothing more than a political operation disguised as a charity. It exists to funnel money to, and to advance the brand of, the Clintons.

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