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ISIS in Syria

ISIS' Apocalyptic Magazine Vows to Attack Israel, US Troops as It Conquers Persia, Rome and Arab States

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is vowing to attack Israel over its most-recent conflict with Hamas, and to fight against U.S. troops and the anti-Christ as it conquers Rome, Persia and the Arabian Peninsula.

  • Chelsen Vicari

    GAO's Abortion Findings Is a Wake-Up Call to Couch-Potato Christians

    Too often I hear faithful Christians say, "I'll stay out of the governments business if the government stays out of my business." Well, it's safe to say that the murder of innocent unborn babies, aided by our tax dollars, is our business.

  • matt moore

    A Message to the Church From a So-Called 'Ex-Gay'

    With the ever quickening shift of our culture away from a moral/biblical view toward sexuality, I think there is a very real temptation for some Christians, especially in the American Church, to shift alongside the culture and adopt a different (unbiblical) view of sexuality…or just to sit back and remain silent about it.

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