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ISIS Forced 17-Y-O Girl to Recite Quran While Being Raped, Burned Her With Boiling Water When She Refused

According to a Kurdish activist who works closely with Iraqis displaced by the Islamic State, ISIS militants allegedly forced a 17-year-old Yazidi girl to recite parts of the Quran while she was being raped. And when she refused, she was punished by having boiling water poured on her.

  • Rick Santorum in Wisconsin

    Who Is Fighting for Working Families?

    At the 2012 Republican National Convention I spoke about the hands I shook during our improbable run for president that year, a journey that took us to 11 primary election victories.

  • Rick Santorum

    Rick Santorum: A Good Man Who Missed His Moment

    Yesterday, former Senator Rick Santorum announced he was joining the increasingly crowded field vying for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. But the history and the contrast between the two is not a favorable one for Senator Santorum, who probably missed his moment after the 2012 defeat of Mitt Romney.

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