'American Religious History Week' Discussed in Congress

The first Thursday of May could become designated as "American Religious History Week" if a new resolution is approved by Congress.

House Resolution 888, which was first proposed at the end of last year, was discussed again Tuesday by Republican and Democratic House members who said that the first week of May should be set aside to observe and celebrate the importance of religion in American public life.

"Religious faith was not only important in official American life during the periods of discovery, exploration, colonization, and growth but has also been acknowledged and incorporated," the introduction of the resolution reads.

The purposeof the resolution is "to affirm the rich spiritual and religious history of our Nation's founding and subsequent history and expressing support for designation of the first week in May as 'American Religious History Week' for the appreciation of and education on America's history of religious faith."

If approved, American Religious History week would share the same day as the National Day of Prayer, which is also held the first Thursday of May.

Republican Congressmen John Carter of Texas said he hopes that the measure will help Americans better know the religious roots and principles that he said were cornerstones of American life.

Americans should know that "the Lord Jesus Christ reigns in the Capitol of the United States of America," he told The Associated Press.