'Father Of Christian Rock' Larry Norman To Play Rare Concert Tomorrow

The “Father of Christian Rock” Larry Norman will be making a rare appearance in concert tomorrow at Oregon’s historic Elsinore theater. The concert will feature Larry along with his siblings Charly and Nancy, as well as Michael Manning, Mark Lemhouse, and “some surprise musical appearances,” according to Norman’s website.

A two-disc digital recording will be made of the concert and will be available to attendees immediately after the event.

Additionally, Larry is inviting all attendees to a special non-alcoholic function at the band’s residence the day after the event. “There will be music, food and beverages, Larryoke, yelling, shouting and laughing,” reads Norman’s website (www.larrynorman.com.)

For guests who wish to stay in Salem longer, Norman is extending his hospitality into the following week.

“It’s Summer, and so if you’re going to stay over on Sunday, there’s church. And if you’re going to stay over on Monday and leave on Tuesday (or Monday night) Larry wants to invite you to take a little tour of Salem,” the website reads. “(It’s free.)…and then eat at the Greek Restaurant with him. If you have never eaten Greek food before, he will order for you. We will be providing Greek music for this enjoyable last meal of the long weekend.”

Also planned for the special event is an auction of memorabilia from Norman’s entire career.

“Someone’s going home from the party with Larry’s electric guitar because we’re going to auction off stuff from his whole career,” says the website. “A 1/4” reel–to–reel master tape of Only Visiting This Planet. Maybe his black leather jacket. Snakeskin boots. The Solid Rock Army Jeep. Whatever you want.”

Tickets for the Elsinore event are available at: www.larrynorman.com, www.ticketswest.com, and the Elsinore Theatre.

More information about the concert and festivities is available here.

In addition, those interested may contact Charles Norman or Robert Canning at (503) 588-7429, or e-mail crash@wvi.com.