''No Bible Sunday'' Campaign Challenges Churches

On May 22, churches in several parts of the world are planning to hold “No Bible” services where The Bible, even hymn books, over-head-projector slides, or anything else containing Scripture, will be locked away from view. The campaign is being sponsored by the UK-based Wycliffe Bible Translators.

If absence makes the heart grow fonder, the “No Bible Sunday” campaign may reacquaint many Christians with their first love for the Good Book.

"We hope that No Bible Sunday will help the Christians in the UK appreciate and value the feast of resources God has provided us with from his word. Many people groups only have crumbs," said Geoff Knott, the Executive Director of WTB in a statement.

Churches from the UK, Canada, Kenya, South Africa and Australia are expected to take part in the event, according to a separate statement by WTB.

One pastor from Belfast, Ireland sees the campaign as a challenge.

“No Bible Sunday presents a significant challenge to spoilt Christians in the West who treat Bibles as expensive ornaments,” said Pastor David McMillan of Windsor Baptist Church.

The purpose of the campaign is to get Christians to “...apply Scripture in every aspect of their lives and to share God’s life-giving word with their neighbors, here and around the world,” according to WTB

The Wycliffe Bible Translators says it has translated almost 600 New Testaments and is currently working on projects involving more than 1200 languages. Their goal is to complete a massive Bible translation campaign in every language by the year 2025.

For ideas on how to implement "No Bible Sunday" for services or for more information visit www.nobiblesunday.com.