1,000 Pro-Lifers Lead 'Phenomenal' Offense at Infamous Abortion Clinics

Some 1,000 pro-lifers from across the nation reportedly participated during a three-day prayer offensive against late-term abortion clinics in Kansas.

The Wichita Awakening concluded with five hundred Christians attending the final praise and worship concert on Monday at the Mid-American Indian center. Earlier that day, the group had gathered in front of George R. Tiller's notorious abortion mill for one of the largest turnouts there since 1991, according to host organization Operation Rescue. Attendees included notable pro-life movement leader Norma McCorvey, the former "Roe" of Roe v. Wade, who now works to end abortion.

"The phenomenal response to this event can be attributed to the collective shock and concern across our nation to Tiller's late-term abortion practice, for which he is now facing criminal charges," said Operation Rescue president Troy Newman about Wichita Awakening,

"And to the increasing enthusiasm of the emerging generation to support the cause of life," he added.

Infamous late-term abortionist George Tiller was recently charged by the Kansas attorney general with 19 criminal counts for performing illegal late-term abortions. Tiller was accused for failing to obtain a second physician's permission who was financially and legally independent of him before performing late-term procedures.

If convicted, Tiller will face up to a year in jail and a $2,500 fine for each of the 19 charges. Furthermore, Tiller's medical license to practice could be suspended or revoked.

Tiller has been accused several times of performing illegal late-term abortions and offering only vague reasons why the operation is necessary.

One of the many highlights of the recent three-day event was the successful dissuasion of a woman from carrying out her abortion plans on Monday.

The woman, who was scheduled to receive an abortion at Tiller's clinic, was encouraged by the group to visit a pro-life medical clinic, Choices Medical Center, located directly next door, according to Operation Rescue. The woman after consultation at the clinic decided to keep her baby.

In addition to the Tiller clinic gatherings, hundreds also surrounded the Women's Health Care Services – the largest late-term abortion clinic in the nation – over the weekend to pray for the end of abortion and for Tiller to be convicted of his charges.

Participants at the Women's Health Care Services protest wore red tape printed with the word "LIFE" over their mouths, while members of a California youth group laid on the sidewalk in the fetal position, surrounded by chalk lines, and covered in a red cloth to symbolize the innocent blood shed from aborted babies.

The Wichita Awakening was part of the "God's Summer of Love" tour, which drew some 100,000 believers to Nashville earlier this month to pray for the nation to turn back from what many say is moral decline.

"We are excited to see the fruit that will come from the seeds of prayer that were planted in Wichita over the weekend," said Operation Rescue president Troy Newman.