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Sunday, Oct 23, 2016

10 Tattooed Preachers You've Never Seen

  • (Photo: The Bridge)
September 4, 2013|4:42 pm

This is what you don't see when listening to sermons...We've found some preachers out there preaching the Gospel with a tattooed body...

1. Steve Bentley

Yes, this is a tattooed body of a religious leader.

2. Nadia Bolz-Weber


3. Aaron Davis

People like it...

4. Rachael Rae

So you lived your life ... and when God called you, that is how you look like...

5. Todd Bently

Yes, guys, I was transformed!

6. Pastor Carl Lentz

Some people just look for me because I am Justin Bieber's friend..., but I am a pastor, you know...?

7. Pastor Cleetus

That is me!!!

8. Arthur Hollands

No, no, no, no, no... I am just baptizing!

9. Pastor Robert Rutheford

Look at meeeeee!

10. Rev. Jeremy Edmondson

Jesus is transforming youth

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