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Monday, Oct 24, 2016

10 Things Christians Want to Know But Are Afraid to Ask

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September 13, 2013|10:12 am

1. When will the End Times come and what will it be like?

2. What is rapture?

3. Can anyone speak in tongues? (Is speaking in tongues even real?)

4. Is that famous Christians really a Christian just because they said so?

5. Do pastors and preachers feel they are like celebrities? If so, is that ok?

6. Is that movie really a "Christian movie" if it's not about a Biblical story?

7. What is hell?

8. Can I live a true life of faith but still do things in my life that are more...worldly?

9. How can I hear the voice of God?

10. Is my faith just for me or should I actively share it? Will I be condemned if I don't share/evangelize?

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