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10 Things That Bother Me (Some of Which Probably Shouldn't)

By Greg Stier , Christian Post Guest Columnist
March 9, 2012|8:38 am

1. Bad Christian drivers with corny Christian bumper stickers. You rep Jesus, so drive better or scrape it off.

2. TV preachers who wear $3,000 suits, drive Mercedes and beg for more money. I can hear Jesus puking.

3. Fleece. Don't ask me why but it hurts my teeth when I think about it (very true and very weird.)

4. That a "tall" is really a "small" at Starbucks. Shouldn't it be the biggest one, or, at least, the tallest?

5. Christians who look to politics to redeem this nation instead of the Redeemer.

6. That intercessory prayer has been hijacked by little old ladies and crazy people. Let's take it back!

7. Glorified air mattress type beds that cost thousands of dollars. Yes, I tried one…and hated it.

8. Churches that spend millions of dollars on buildings but leave evangelism and missions unfunded.

9. Smart Cars. My car gets way better gas mileage, is half the price and can fit more than two people.

10. Muscleheads who grunt loudly in the gym when they work out. Hanz, send Franz to buy you a muzzle!

Greg Stier is the President and Founder of Dare 2 Share Ministries in Arvada, Colo., where he works with youth leaders and students, equipping them to be effective in sharing the gospel. With experience as a senior teaching pastor and in youth ministry for almost 20 years, Greg has a reputation of knowing and relating to today's teens. He is widely viewed as an authority and expert teen spirituality. He is known for motivating, mobilizing and equipping teens for positive change. For more information on Dare 2 Share Ministries and their upcoming conference tour and training resources, please visit www.dare2share.org
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