100,000 Bibles Delivered At Largest Youth Camp

A new Bible outreach initiative gave 100,000 New Testaments to students at the largest youth camp in the nation.

The Falls Creek Baptist Assembly camp, a part of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma (BCGO), each year distributes New Testaments to students that desire to evangelize.

The year, the newly established Holman Bible Outreach International will be providing as many Bibles as the Falls Creek camp needs. Based on figures from previous years, the number come out to 100,000 copies.

The Bible outreach project is the first major undertaking by HBOI.

HBOI is a section of Broadman and Holman, which is a division under the larger parent company LifeWay Christian Resources. HBOI was created recently to subsidize Bible translations, sales and distribution for those who cannot afford expensive Bibles.

HBOI-subsidized New Testament Bibles were given to the camps for $1 dollar each.

According to Ken Stephens, vice president of the Broadman and Holman division, requests for low-cost and donated Bibles are made daily.

"These requests come from all over the world, where millions of believers are eager to share the redeeming message of the gospel but lack an affordable, easy-to-understand translation of the Bible," said Stephens.

Meanwhile, Anthony Jordan, executive director at Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, said he is thankful his group was the first to recieve the blessings.

"We are amazed at God’s faithfulness and humbled that Holman Bible Outreach International would allow us to be the first recipient of this new ministry thrust, " said Jordan.

The outreach program delivers the Holman Christian Standard Bible (Holman CSB), released in 2004. The Holman Bible, noted for its contemporary language, is already ranked in the top five most popular English translations in the United States.