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Friday, Oct 28, 2016

5 Great Activities for Building Relationships With Fellow Christians

  • (Photo: Facebook/InterVarsity USA)
    Students from San Diego State University gather during an InterVarsity Bible study.
October 15, 2013|4:50 pm

1. Having Bible Study

- A great way to strengthen the body. The spiritual one that is!

- Build a personal relationship with God and come closer to your Christian brothers and sisters in the love of Christ.

2. Gathering for a Meal

- Being together at the dinner table is always a PERFECT place to have conversation and get to know one another. Whether it is gathering together at a restaurant or being a host for the gathering.

3. Coffee Break

- Nothing says I want to get to know you like a fresh cup of coffee. Gathering at a coffee shop with fellow Christians is a GREAT way to introduce members, hold group discussions, share testimonies, and discuss challenges and issues in your life.

4. Playing Sports Together

- Being able to play on a team with others builds teamwork skills, teaches that practice makes perfect, and shows us that everyone has something to offer. These skills can come into play in real life situations and can be a BIG help along the way on your path of faith.

5. Game Night

- Gathering for Game Night is a FUN way to build relationships with fellow Christian members. People may feel less pressure to speak and open up during a fun night of games.

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