7 Steps a Man Can Take to Promote a Healthy Prostate

More than 185,000 new cases of prostate cancer are expected to be diagnosed in the United States this year, along with over 28,000 deaths. Early detection and treatment will save lives.

I recommend that all men follow these seven steps to help promote a healthy prostate. These steps complement the conventional ways we practice medicine and have been substantiated in numerous medical studies.

1. Decrease your consumption of saturated fat. Eat beef no more than three times per month. Limit cheese and switch to non-fat milk or, even better, soy milk.

2. Eat antioxidant-rich foods. These include foods that contain vitamins C and E; beta-carotene from yellow, orange and dark green fruits and vegetables; lycopene from tomatoes; and selenium. Almonds (10 per day) are a good source of vitamin E. You should also add the following supplements: vitamin C (1,000 milligrams twice daily), vitamin E (800 IU daily), beta-carotene (20,000 IU daily) and selenium (200 micrograms daily).

3. Load up on garlic. Under experimental conditions, garlic has been shown to limit tumor growth, kill cancer cells and even shrink existing tumors. If you are at high risk for developing prostate cancer or you have been diagnosed with the disease, I suggest taking a garlic capsule equivalent to one clove of fresh garlic daily.

4. Get some "D" sun. Higher levels of vitamin D offer protection from prostate cancer. Men who live in sunnier climates have a lower incidence of prostate cancer (sun causes the skin to make vitamin D). Of course, don't overdo sun exposure; only 15 minutes daily on your face, arms and legs is enough to produce protective amounts of vitamin D from your skin. Good dietary sources include fish and non-fat milk. A daily supplement of 400 IU of vitamin D will give you added insurance.

5. Drink green tea. Compounds in green tea can inhibit tumor growth. If you are at high risk for prostate cancer or have been diagnosed with the disease, drink two to four cups of green tea daily. I also recommend green tea extract in a daily nutrient supplement, because of its potent cancer-fighting effects throughout the body.

6. Savor soy. Soy products limit the spread of cancer and can even stop its early growth. Soy milk and soy flour are sources of this protective food. Another option is to use soy protein isolate powder.

7. Be creative with cumin. Try adding this spice to your vegetables or other dishes. It may prevent the development of prostate cancer.