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Monday, Jul 06, 2015

9 Out of 10 Pharmacists Recommend …

By Dr. Reginald B. Cherry, M.D. , Christian Post Contributor
April 29, 2011|1:20 pm

Another group of healthcare professionals overwhelmingly use and recommend supplements. Find out what they take themselves and suggest to their customers, and why.

Pharmacists join doctors (see Does Your Doctor Recommend Supplements?) and dieticians (see Dietitians Agree: Supplements Can Fill Health Gaps) in making supplements a part of their wellness program, and advising others to do so as well.

According to a survey*, 93 percent of pharmacists recommend supplements to their customers, while 87 percent believe that supplements can play an important role in improving or maintaining the health of their customers.

Eighty four percent of pharmacists said they believe it is a good idea for customers to take supplements, with the top three reasons being joint health, bone health and flu/colds. Pharmacists are often asked about specific supplements by their customers, with omega-3/fish oil, calcium and glucosamine/chondroitin being the top three mentioned.

Nearly nine in 10 pharmacists also said they use dietary supplements themselves, citing "overall health and wellness" and "filling in nutrient gaps" as the top two reasons. Three-fourths of those surveyed indicated that they take a multivitamin, followed by omega-3/fish oil, calcium, vitamin C, B vitamins, vitamin D and fiber.

Pharmacists have become an influential information source for consumers, answering questions about dietary supplements and offering recommendations to their customers. They are able to help consumers choose the types of supplements that are right for their individual wellness plan. With the information they have about an individual's current prescribed medications, they can also take a comprehensive look at an individual's and determine if any potential drug-dietary supplement interactions or drug-induced nutrient depletions may need to be addressed.
To maximize benefits and safety, it is recommended to talk to a pharmacist or other qualified health care practitioner about all the things you are taking for your health.

*"Life...Supplemented" Healthcare Professionals (HCP) Impact Study

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