By Jessica Brooks, iPoster
May 26, 2011|11:44 am

A new 'American Idol' is crowned. Scotty McCreery, the country crooner, has recently entered the assorted ensemble of American Idol winners and with this win, the pop world may be in for a much needed breath of fresh air.

Lady Gaga, Brittney Spears, Justin Beiber – these are just a few of America's idols. You see them on television; you can hear them on the radio, playing as ringtones, and in the headphones of people all over the world. Lady Gaga is in-love with Judas. Britney Spears will be dancing until the world ends, and Justin Beiber is driving young girls crazy everywhere.

Although they have the attention of millions, their platforms are often used in a way that influences their listeners in opposition of Christian values. Wouldn't it be great if those in the mainstream media would use their platforms to influence their audience toward Christ?

Just when you thought America's idols were taking over, American Idol has two shining examples in Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina, who are using their platforms as singers in pop culture to unashamedly stand on their faith in Jesus Christ.

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