Advocates of Iowa’s Same-sex Marriage Ban Voice Action Against Opponents

Two groups advocating the proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage in Iowa vow to keep any legislators who oppose the amendment out of office.

Leaders of the Iowa Family Political Action Committee and the Iowa Family Policy Center spoke at a news conference held at the Capitol on Tuesday. Tim Preston, spokesman for the Family Political Action Committee, said that they will work to ensure that opponents to the bill will not get re-elected.

The amendment defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman. Opponents say that the amendment is unnecessary because Iowa law already defines marriage in this way.

Supporters of the amendment argue that a constitutional amendment is needed to protect this definition of marriage. Currently, a divorce case being heard by the Iowa Supreme Court is challenging this definition. Supporters of the amendment point to other examples in several states where judges have struck down laws that protect traditional marriage.

The measure was approved by the House Judiciary Committee last Thursday and awaits a decision by the full House. Supporters expect the House to approve the bill, but fear that the bill will be defeated in the Senate. Last year, the Senate rejected a similar amendment.

If approved by the Senate, the amendment will go to the General Assembly. The amendment must win approval by two consecutive General Assemblies before it can be placed on the ballot for a statewide referendum. The earliest that the amendment can go on the ballot is in 2008.